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Corporate Images for The Statement Thing


TST is a fashion brand with a focus on leather bags designed in Mainz (Germany) and produced fairly and sustainably in Bali. After Mariam’s long and unsuccessful journey to look for a perfect bag suited to her needs, she decided to take matters into her own hands and started her own brand of self-designed leather bags. Each bag collection is available in small batches online and in her fashion store.

The logo, monogram, symbol and typography already existed when I started working on the project. The challenge was to create a new series of three new bags but also to give the brand its first visual identity.

TASKS: Concept, photography, digital art, set design, animation, business cards and flyer


Inspired by the “original” pearls which conform with the human ideal of beauty, I have created a world of floating pearls and shells to highlight the bags’ and the brand’s slogan: “It looks good it does good”. The bag helps women to embrace their beauty. The series is conceptualised to be used further in new collections.

All photographs are created using a camera (Canon 5d mark IV). Afterwards I used the several images captured and photoshopped them together. Finally, I animated a few of them in After Effects.


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